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Sold German deactivated guns:

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deactivated_mp38 NEW! Super Rare Old Specification MP38 submachine gun. More details >> Sold
FG-42 Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 (FG42) with 9 magazines and mag bag Sold
steyr NEW! This is a fantastic example of a Roth Steyr 1907 pistol. More details >> Sold
nambu NEW! WWII Japanese type 14 Nambu pistol and holster. More details >> Sold
K98 Sniper NEW! Rare deactivated WWII German K98 sniper Rifle with excellent, clear low turret Zeiss scope. More details >> Sold
MG15 NEW! Deactivated wartime Luftwaffe MG15. More details >> Sold
German Mauser K98 sniper rifle NEW! Rare deactivated WWII German K98 sniper Rifle with excellent, clear scope. More details >> Sold
1893 Dated Mauser Gew88 Amberg marked rifle An excellent 1893 Dated Mauser Gew88 Amberg marked rifle with matching numbers. More details >> Sold
Very _early _apanese _ype 30_Arisaka _ifle. Very rare early Japanese type 30 Arisaka rifle in fantastic condition. NEW Sold
gew 98 NEW WWI German 1916 dated Gew 98 in completely stunning condition. More details >> Sold
gasser_revolver Superb Austrian Gasser military revolver in 11.2 mm obsolete calibre ..NEW Sold
steyer hahn NEW Deactivated Austrian Steyer Hahn WWI automatic pistol. More details >> £sold
mg42 NEW Deactivated WWII German MG42 with its leather sling. More details >> £sold
WWII Deactivated model 1921 Spanish Astra 400 Sold
deactivated_erma_luger German Erma Manufactured Mini Luger 7.65 Calibre ........... Sold
Bergman_mod_2 Extremely rare 1896 Model 2 German Bergman automatic pistol Stunning Sold
Deactivated Nazi stamped 1940 dated Luger PO8. More details >> £sold
deactivated_walther_p38 Deactivated Nazi stamped Walther P38. All black example Sold
deactivated_mg_15 Rare Deactivated WWII German MG15 Aircraft Machine Gun 1940 ..... Sold
deactivated_drp_stampewd_nazi_ppk Rare Nazi Deutsche Reichspartei (German Reich Party) Walther PPK and Holster Sold
First World War Walther model 4 in Super Condition............ Sold
Deactivated_mauser_broom_handle Stunning First World War Mauser Model C96 Broom-~Handle & Stock Sold
Borchardt_pistol 1894 Borchardt pistol by the Ludwig Loewe company.This example was owned by the American showman Colonel Samuel F Cody who used it in his wild west shows SOLD
Deactivated Italian Beretta Submachine Gun old spec £sold
deactivated_luger Superb German Luger by DWM 1916 dated and 100% original ............Archive Page Sold
deactivated_WWIIGerman_MP40_BNZ_1942 WWII German MP40 BNZ manufactured 1942 dated example. An old specification deactivated example. ............................................................Archive Page Sold
deactivated_hi_power WWII German Nazi Marked Browning High Power ....Archive Page Sold
luger_po8 1940 Dated Luger PO8 Nazi Stamps and Original Finish...................Archive Page Sold
deactivated_mg34 WWII German MG34 Light Machine Gun Nazi Manufactured Example Archive Page Sold
WWII German MP40 Submachine Gun 1943 matching numbers example. Archive Page Sold
deactivated_kar_98 Deactivated Mauser K98 Manufactured in 1937 Nazi WaA stamped Sold
Stunning all metal MP44 replica by Shoei with Sling and Dummy Rounds Archive Page Sold
mp40_submachine_gun WWII German MP40 Submachine Gun Old Specification Archive Page Sold
deactivated_MP34 WWII 1942 German MP34 Submachine Gun and leather sling. Archive Page Sold
deactivated_k98 Deactivated S/42 Mauser manufactured K98 bolt action rifle. Archive Page Sold
rzm_walther_ppk Super Rare Nazi Party Leaders RZM Walther PPK and Holster Archive Page Sold
Nazi_duo_pistol WWII Nazi Duo 6.35 Pistol in Superb Condition 1943 Dated Archive Page Sold
deactivated_walther_pp Deactivated WWII Nazi Walther PP all black with Nazi stamps Sold
MG_42_machine_gun Deactivated WWII German MG 42 Light Machine Gun Sold
deactivated_mg_34 WWII German MG34 Light Machine Gun. 1940 Nazi stamped......... Sold
deactivated_K98 WWII Nazi stamped German Mauser K98 Rifle Sold
deactivated_owa_pistol Deactivated Austrian OWA 6.35 Pocket Pistol Super condition 1920's Pistol Sold
Spanish Walman 6.35 Calibre Pocket Pistol. Sold
Steyr tipping barrel blowback automatic designed by Nicholas Pieper. Comes with its holster. Sold
Deactivated German Dreyse pocket pistol in 6.35 calibre. Sold
Deactivated_singer_pistol Deactivated German Singer 6.35 Calibre Pocket Pistol Sold
deactivated_lignose_pistol Rare German Lignose 6.35 Automatic Pocket Pistol Sold
deactivated_walther_pp Deactivated WWII German Walther PP Nazi stamped and in excellent condition Sold
Excellent Mauser C96 Broomhandle Replica all metal Sold
WWII German MG13 Light Machine Gun Nazi stamped. Sold
Nazi stamped 1944 dated Mauser K98 rifle and sling Sold
WWI German 1917 dated Mauser Gew 98 Spandau made example. Sold
WWII German MP40 Submachine Gun and sling 1943 dated Nazi stamped Sold
deactivated_mg34 Deactivated WWII German MG34 Light Machine Gun Sold
WWII 1942 Mauser made Luger and holster Sold
All matching numbers artillery Luger original finish Sold
Deactivated 1940 dated Luger with all matching numbers. Sold
Deactivated WWII Nazi Radom Pistol WaA stamped example Sold
deactivated_browning_high_powere WWII German Browning High Power with rear sight. Sold
WWII Nazi stamped 1937 dated Mauser made S/42 code K98 7.92 rifle. Sold
deactivated_mg42 WWII German MG42 machine gun matching numbers Sold
WWII Nazi Officers Walther PPK in lovely condition Sold
Genuine WWII German Walther PPK Holster Sold
WWII German Mauser HSC pistol and holster. Sold
German Haenel pistol designed by Schmisser. Nickle finish pearl grips. Sold
WWII German Sauer 38 Nazi stamped in its original Nazi stamped holster. Sold
WWII German Walther PP WaA stamped all black example. Sold
Deactivated WWII Nazi marked Mauser HSC pistol Sold
WWII Beretta 34 made in 1941 used by axis forces. Sold
MP44/STG44 Old spec, deactivated in 1993 Sold
Deactivated German Walther PPK automatic pistol NEW Sold
Deactivated WWII Japanese Type 44 Arisaka Cavalry Carbine Sold
A stunning looking matching numbers Luger PO8 1942 byf Sold
Nazi stamped 1941 dated byf code mauser made Luger PO8 Sold
Superb MP40 by MGC in fantastic condition. Sold
1917 Luger by DWM matching numbers and regimental markings Sold
Deactivated 1916 Dated DWM Artillery Luger outfit including its snail drum. NEW Sold
WWI German potato masher Stielhandgµranate (stick grenade) NEW Sold
WWII German MG34 Gunners pouch and Kit and anti aircraft spider sight NEW Sold
Deactivated WWII German SS marked Walther PP NEW Sold
Deactivated 1915 langenhan pistol First World War German Army Sold
Deactivated Sauer 1913 pistol in 7.65 calibre Sold
Deactivated WWII German K98 rifle dated 1944 Sold
WWII German 1944 Dated MP44/STG44 with its original sling. Sold
Excellent MP40 all metal working replica in its original box. Sold
Deactivated WWII German MP40 Submachine gun and sling Sold
deactivated_bolo Deactivated German Mauser Bolo original finish Sold
Deactivated German Walther Model 9 in super condition Sold
Dectivated WWII Nazi Browning High Power and Holster Sold
Deactivated MP40 and sling classic German machine gun Sold
Deactivated Nazi Police Sauer 38H 1940 Sold
Deactivated WWII Italian Beretta 1934 excellent early example Sold
Marushin MP40 working replica with cartridges. Sold
Nazi stamped 1942 dated Luger PO8 with matching numbers. Sold
Marushin MP40 working replica with cartridges. Sold
WWII German Officers Sword by Carl Eickhorn sold
Deactivated German Dreyse 1907 pistol sold
Rare WWII Nazi stamped Mauser 34 in superb condition Sold
daectivated_wealther_PP Deactivated WWII German Walther PP Sold
Deactivated German Nazi Stamped Walther P38 and Holster NEW Sold
Superb WWII German MP40 with its original sling old specification. SOLD
Wooden shoulder stock/holster for the Mauser C96 broom-handle pistol Sold
Deactivated K98 nazi stamped Old specification excellent. Sold
Deactivated WWII German MG42 light machine gun with 50 round belt Sold
Deactivated German WWI Gew88 dated 1896 Sold
WWI German Mauser Gewer98 1917 dated example. Sold
Very rare RZM marked Walther PPK issued to high ranking Nazi political party leaders. Sold
Deactivated 1937 dated Mauser K98 profusely Nazi stamped Old spec SOLD
Deactivated Austrian Steyer Hahn WWI automatic pistol and holster Sold
Deactivated 1939 dated Luger Nazi stamps Sold
Deactivated WWII German C1937 Nazi Mauser Schnellfeuer Sold
WWII German K98 Rifle 1940 dated example. Nazi stamped. Sold
Wehrmacht issued WWII German Walther PPK Superb Sold
Deactivated Walther P38 made by Metallwarenfabrik Spreewerk, Berlin-Spandau in its original leather Holster. SOLD
deactivated_luger WWII German 1942 dated Luger PO8 Sold
Deactivated WWII German MG42 WaA stamped Sold
The classic MP40 WWII submachine gun Old specification Sold
Very rare WWII Guardia Civil Model B 1940 Sold
Deactivated Madsen Light machine gun Sold
Deactivated Nazi stamped Sauer Model 38. Excellent condition all black example Sold
deactivated_c96 Deactivated WWI Mauser C96 broomhandle model 1912 Sold
Deactivated 1941 dated WWII Beretta Model 1934-Brevet. Sold
Mint condition 1911 dated Steyr model 1909 Superb example Sold
Deactivated German Mauser Model 14/34 in 7.65 calibre. Sold
WWII Luftwaffe 75 round saddle drum magazine for the MG15 or MG34 Sold
Deactivated WWII Gernam K98 rifle 1940 dated example. Sold
Original WWI dated Artillery Luger by DWM 1917 NEW Sold
deactivated_luger WWII deactivated Luger Nazi marked 1938 dated Mauser example Sold
Deactivated Walther P38 and original holster. Old specification. .Archive Page Sold
Deactivated WWII German MG34 Light machine gun and extras .Archive Page. Archive Page Sold
Deactivated Czechoslovakian VZ24 Mauser .Archive Page Sold
Superb WWII German MG34 Light Machine Gun Nazi stamped Sold
Deactivated Luger PO8 with matching numbers deactivated in 1990 .Archive Page Sold
Deactivated 1944 dated Nazi stamped Walther P38 in its original Nazi Holster. .Archive Page Sold
WWI German Luger dated 1913 Erfurt made original finish .Archive Page Sold
WWII Finnish Nagant Rifle .Archive Page Sold
deactivated_mp40 WWII German MP40 submachine gun with its original sling .Archive Page Sold
Deactivated Nazi Radom pistol An excellent Nazi stamped example. .Archive Page Sold
Deactivated WWII Luger PO8 byf code for Mauser Sold
Deactivated Mauser 1910 automatic pistol Sold
Deactivated WWI German Gew98 7.92 Rifle 1916 dated NEW Sold
Deactivated 1936 Nazi marked K98 with sling and bayonet NEW Sold
Deactivated WWII German MG42 machine gun with sling and anti aircraft sight NEW Sold
Deactivated WWII German MP40 submachine gun, dated 1940. Sold
Deactivated WWII BNZ made MP40 Old specification. Sold
Rare Kar 98K WWI German Rifle 1915 Sold
Deactivated WWII German STG44/MP44 old specification Sold
Deactivated WWII German Schmeisser MP41 submachine gun Sold
Deactivated WWII German MP44/STG44 Old specification. Sold
Deactivated Bolo Mauser C96 Sold
Deactivated 1937 dated K98 rifle, with sling Nazi stamped Sold
WWII German MG42 with Sling and Basket Drum Magazines in their carrier Sold
Excellent 1942 dated German Mauser K98 with sling Sold
deactivated_luger Deactivated 1914 Erfurt Luger PO8 fitted with the rare Schiwy Sear safety sold
Deactivated 1940 dated Mauser made Luger Nazi marked sold
deactivated_luger Deactivated 1941 dated Nazi stamped Luger by Mauser sold
Deactivated WWII Nazi marked Luger PO8 with matching numbers. Sold
Deactivated Erfurt made MP40 Old spec. Sold
Deactivated 1941 dated Nazi marked WWII Luger PO8 and box of rounds NEW Sold
Nazi stamped Deactivated MG 13 Machine gun Sold
Rare 1934 Nazi G date code Luger 9mm Sold
Deactivated WWII German Nazi stamped MG34 machine gun Sold
deactivated_luger Deactivated WWII Luger 1937 Mauser made with Holster  
deactivated_mauser_Schnellfeuer Deactivated Nazi Mauser Schnellfeuer Sold
Mint condition Nazi stamped Mauser HSc Sold
walther signal pistol Deactivated WWII German Walther made flare pistol. Metal finish with composite grips. Profusely WaA Nazi marked. sold
German Walther PPK. Excellent condition Deactivated gun. Sold
First World war 1916 dated German Gew98 Rifle Sold
Deactivated_walther_pp Deactivated Nazi marked Wehrmacht issued Walther PP Sold
deactivated_luger WWII German Mauser made Luger matching including the magazine. Sold
deactivated_G98 First World War German Mauser Gew98 dated 1915 Sold
Rare Kar 98K WWI German Rifle 1908 Sold
Deactivated Mauser C96 broomhandle Sold
Excellent Deactivated Nazi marked Mauser K98 with bayonet and frog Sold
deactivated_luger Deactivated WWII German S/42 Mauser made Luger matching numbers Sold
Deactivated WWII Nazi marked Luger PO8 1941 dated


Deactivated WWI German 1912 model C96 Mauser broom handle. sold
deactivated_g98 Original WWI 1916 dated Mauser Gew 98 rifle Sold
deactivated_mp44 Deactivated MP44 / STG44 in fantastic condition Old Spec Sold
deactivated_steyr_1909 Deactivated Superb early Austrian Steyr 1909 in Mint Condtion Sold
WWII German slab sided model MP40 submachine gun Old style specification deactivated gun. Sold
deactivated_mp44 Superb Deactivated WWII German old spec MP44 STG 44. Sold
deactivated_Italian_made_Baby Beretta Deactivated Italian made Baby Beretta sold
1943 dated German WWII K98 Rifle Deactivated 1943 dated Nazi stamped Mauser K98 and bayonet. Sold
deactivated_p38_walther Deactivated Mauser made 1943 dated, Nazi marked Walther P38
Deactivated mauser 7.65 Pistol Saxon Police Sold
Incredibly Rare Deactivated limited Edition 007 James Bond On Her Majesties secret Intelligence Service, Walther P99 boxed Sold
deactivated_walther_p22 Deactivated Walther_P22 Superb in its box. Sold

Deactivated Rare 1909 Steyr

Superb Deactivated German 1913 Walther Model 5 Sold
deactivated_erfurt_luger Superb Deactivated Regimentally marked 1911 Luger by Erfurt Sold
deactivated_browning_hi_power Deactivated Austrian Police Browning High Power in its box Sold
Deactivated_cavalry_carbine Deactivated Austrian Steyr straight pull bolt 1895 cavalry carbine Sold
Deactivated WWI German Mauser C96 broom handle pistol. sold
WWII Nazi marked Luger PO8 1941 dated Sold
Mint Nazi stamped Mauser HSc pistol in 7.65 calibre. Sold
WWI 1917 DWM manufactured artillery Luger in superb original finish. This is without doubt the finest condition artillery Luger we have seen. shoulder stock & holster.
Deactivated WWI Mauser C96 Bolo Sold
WWI German Luger 1918 . Sold
Roth Steyr Semi Automatic Pistol Model 1908. Sold
Deactivated WWII German MP40 old spec,excellent condition, with sling. Sold
Deactivated Austrian Steyr Mannlicher 1905 Rare sold
Deactivated German J.P Sauer semi automatic pistol Sold
WWII German army fully automatic Astra model 903 sold
Genuine Luftwaffe marked MG15 aircraft machine gun Sold
Superb WWI DWM made Luger 1917 Sold
WWII Nazi stamped deactivated Browning High Power 9 mm semi automatic. Sold
Deactivated WWII Nazi Radom model 35 and holster. sold
Deactivated WWI German Dreyse Pistol and holster. Sold
1940 dated BYF Luger
Deactivated WWII 1940 dated BYF Luger nazi marked to both the frame and barrel. Sold
nambu Deactivated WWII Japanese type 14 Nambu pistol in remarkably good condition lovely wood grips. Sold
WWI Artillery Luger outfit Deactivated WWI Artillery Luger outfit, very early example, 1916 dated DWM made, with wooden shoulder stock, incredibly rare snail drum magazine, takedown tool, clearing rod leather holster, harness and four wooden based magazines. Sold
mg 42 Deactivated Maschinengewehr 1942 MG42 Light machine gun. Sold
beretta Deactivated WWII Italian Beretta 38/42 submachine gun old specification deactivation. Sold


Allied deactivated guns Archive:

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deactivated_webley_pistol NEW! Deactivated WWI Webley & Scott Automatic Pistol and holster More details >> Sold
deactivated_1911_webley NEW! A rare named Webley pistol and holster, manufactured in 1913 named to a captain M. Sprot of the Royal Scots Greys. More details >> Sold
deactivated_MKVI_webley NEW! Deactivated First War Webley MK VI (6) revolver.1918 More details >> Sold
deactivated_first_world_war_Smle NEW! Deactivated WWI 1914 Lee Enfield SMLE More details >> Sold
NEW! Superb Deactivated First World War Colt 1911 More details >>
Deactivated_WWI_Springfield_Model 03.
NEW! Superb Deactivated WWI Springfield Model 03. More details >>
NEW! Antique Pepperbox Pinfire Revolver More details >>
30 cal NEW! Deactivated USA WWII Browning .30 calibre 1919A4 light machine gun.
More details >>
1943 Dated Mosin Nagant sniper with sling NEW! 1943 Dated Mosin Nagant sniper with sling. More details >> Sold
springfield NEW! Hard to find WWII US Springfield M1A303 1943 dated with its original leather sling. More details >> Sold
Deactivated Browning High Power Mk I* (Inglis) NEW! Deactivated Browning High Power Mk I* (Inglis). More details >> Sold
deactivated_browninig_1903 Deactivated RARE Browning 1903 A must have item for the Browning collector. Sold
Swiss Model 1882 Ordnance Revolver NEW Beautiful looking Swiss military Model 1882 revolver designed by Colonel Rudolph Schmidt. More details >> Sold
Large frame Belgian made revolver in .455 calibre. NEW Large frame Belgian made revolver in .455 calibre. More details >> Sold
f t baker revolver NEW A Cracking example of a Victorian pocket revolver made by F T Baker of Fleet Street. More details >> Sold
Deactivated Model 1892 French Lebel revolver. NEW Deactivated Model 1892 French Lebel revolver. More details >> Sold
lewis gun NEW Deactivated WWI Lewis Gun. More details >> Sold
1918_dated_smle Deactivated First world war BSA manufactured short magazine Lee Enfield £sold
 artillery_officers_sword WWI British Royal Artillery Officers Sword . £sold
deactivated svt-40 Deactivated SVT-40 (Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva). Very Rare old specification wartime manufactured example (1943). See details >> £sold
deactivated_m1_carbine Deactivated WWII M1 Carbine Deactivated with a working action . £sold
deactivated_ppsh_41 Deactivated WWII Russian PPSH41 submachine gun.. £sold
deactivated thompson Deactivated WWII .45 Thompson submachine gun. More details >> £sold
WWI .455 Webley VI Service Revolver. The classic first world war British officers revolver. Looks to have been reissued again during the second world war. More details >> Sold
smith wesson First world war .455 Smith and Wesson An excellent old specification example with British proof marks. More details >> Sold
Second world war .38 Smith and Wesson revolver. More details >> Sold
enfield revolver Enfield Mk. 1 variant of the .38 service revolver. More detail >> Sold
no4 rifle Deactivated WWII dated No4 Lee Enfield Rifle with Sling, oiler and bayonet. More detail >> Sold
WWII 1944 Lee Enfield No4 covered in Snake Skin Extraordinary example Sold
Short_Magazine_Lee_Enfield Short Magazine Lee Enfield 1925 dated Sold
deactivated_thompson_m1A1 Deactivated WWII Thompson M1A1 Submachine gun and sling Sold
deactivated_m1_carbine Deactivated WWII US American M1 Carbine. Rare manufaturer. Sold
deactivated_ross_m10_rifle Deactivated First World War Canadian Ross M-10 Rifle Sold
1928_thompson_fore_grip Wooden Fore Grip For the 1928 Thompson ...................... Sold
deactivated_russian_dp_28 1933 dated Russian WWII 7.62 mm Ruchnoy Pulemyot DP and spare mags . Sold
DEACTIVATED_NO4_RIFLE WWII British Lee Enfield No4 .303 Rifle and Sling . Sold
deactivated_lanchester Deactivated British WWII Lanchester Submachine gun Sold
Sten_MK2 WWII British Sten Gun as used by as used by allied troops Sold
deactivated_smle Deactivated Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle Mk III* ... Sold
silenced_sten_gun Deactivated Sten MKII with silencer as used by special forces. Sold
deactivated_1907_smle Early 1907 dated Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle Sold
deactivated_browning_1900 Deactivated Browning 1900 in Superb condition.......NEW Sold
deactivated_colt_1911 Rare deactivated First World War Colt 1911. Lovely gun Sold
Deactivated Webley .38 Revolver Old Specification.............................. Sold
 WWII MKI Enfield Manufactured Bren 1944 dated example Sold
Deactivated Browning 1919A4 LIght machine gun and tripod.......... Sold
deactivated_webly_mkVI WWI Dated British MKVI Webley service revolver in .455 calibre............ Sold
deactivated_jungle_carbine British WWII .303 Lee Enfield MK 5 Jungle Carbine . Sold
deactivated_lee_enfield WWII Lee Enfield No4 Rifle 1943 Dated................... Sold
Vickers_303_rounds Crate with two Vickers ammunition boxes and 500 .303 rounds in belts... Sold
Vickers_maintenance_kit WWII Vickers Mchine Gunners Tool Kit in its 1944 leather pouch....... Sold
vickers_codenser WWII Vickers condenser Can ....... Sold
deactivated_webley_MK6 First World War British 1917 dated .455 Webley MKVI Revolver ....... Sold
vickers_gunners_kit 1941 Dated Vickers Machine Gunners Kit in its leather satchel ....... Sold
Vickers_clinometer WWII 1944 Vickers Clinometer MKII In Its Original Leather Box......... Sold
Vickers_water_jacket_cover Vickers Machine Gun Water Jacket Cover. Vickers barrel Wrap ............ Sold
Vickers_ammo_box_cradle Ammunition Box Cradle For The Vickers Machine Gun............. Sold
Vickers_blast_deflector Vickers Machine Gun Blast Deflector .............. Sold
deactivated_1916_webley First World War 1916 MKVI Webley Service Revolver. Old specification Archive Page Sold
1892 French Lebel revolver Deactivated WWI French Lebel Revolver in excellent condition Sold
deactivated_colt_1903_pocket Deactivated Colt 1903 Automatic Pistol in .32 Calibre Archive Page Sold
deactivated_smle Deactivated 1915 dated LSA manufactured Lee Enfield SMLE Regimentally marked. Sold
deactivated_nagant_revolver Deactivated Russian Nagant Revolver in superb condition Archive Page Sold
MGC_Thompson_1921 A superb working 1921 Thompson replica by MGC with 20 rounds Archive Page Sold
deactivated_1916_webley First World War 1916 dated Webley MKVI .455 Service Revolver. Archive Page Sold
deactivated_webley WWII British .38 Webley Service Revolver. Archive Page sold
deactivated_smle Deactivated 1916 dated Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle and sling.Archive Page Sold
webley First World War 1916 Webley MKVI .455 Revolver stunning example Archive Page Sold
deactivated_Vickers_machine_gun Deactivated First world war Vickers machine gun serial number H97. Archive Page Sold
Engraved Le Francais .25 automatic pistol. Superb workmanship. Archive Page Sold
deactivated_lewis_gun Deactivated WWI Lewis Light Machine Gun with a spare magazine and pouch. Archive Page Sold
deactivated_1928A1 Deactivated WWII 1928A1 .45 calibre Thompson submachine gun. Archive Page Sold
deactivated_webley_m Deactivated Webley and Scott Aircraft Signal pistol. Sold
Russian_dp_machine_gun Deactivated Russian WWII 7.62 mm Ruchnoy Pulemyot DP Sold
P14_rifle A superb looking WWI Winchester made Enfield .303 P14 rifle. Sold
Deactivated 1942 Dated Tokarev T33 Automatic Pistol Sold
deactivated_colt_1911_a1 A superb deactivated second world war Colt 1911A1. Sold
1912_smle Early British BSA made Lee Enfield SMLE. 1912 dated example Sold
Sectionalised_bren_mk1 Sectionalised 1943 MK1 Bren gun that has had areas cut away.............. Sold
190browning_pocket Deactivated 1906 Browning Pocket in superb condition. Sold
deactivated_vz_26 Deactivated VZ 26 the forerunner of the Bren gun. Sold
Deactivated First World War, 1914 Lewis Machine Gun. Sold
SMLE-Skeleton_rifle Cutaway Lee Enfield SMLE rifle can chamber and cycle dummy rounds sold
deactivated_thompson_m1A1 Deactivated WWII Thompson M1A1 Submachine Gun. Excellent Sold
Deactivated Colt 1911A1 Original grey Pakerised finish. Sold
Deactivated British noI* Tank crew revolver and holster Sold
deactivated_smle Deactivated WWI 1917 Dated S.M.L.E Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle. Sold
Deactivated_bar Deactivated BAR Browning Automatic Rifle Excellent example Sold
Deactivated_NO5_Carbine Deactivated British Lee Enfield No5 .303 Jungle Carbine. Sold
deactivated_thompson+m1A1 Deactivated WWII M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun and sling. Superb. Sold
daectivated_mkII_sten_gun WWII Sten MKII submachine gun old specification Sold
deactivated_webley_38 Deactivated old specification Webley MKIV Revolver WWII British Sold
Deactivated folding stock M1A1 Carbine. Old specification sold
Deactivated Second world war American M1 Carbine. Old specification. Sold
deactivated_455_webley Deactivated WWI Webley .455 Calibre Revolver, six inert rounds and its leather holster. Old specification, clear cylinder and barrel. sold
daectivated_bren MKI WWII British made Enfield .303 Bren light machine gun. 1942 dated Sold
deactivated_sten+mkv Very Rare Deactivated Sten MKV as used by British airborne troops Sold
deactivated_bar_1918_a2 WWII American Browning Automatic Rifle 1918 A2 with sling Sold
deactivated_colt_1903_pistol Deactivated Colt .38 1903 Automatic Pistol Sold
Bren_mkII Deactivated MKII Bren Gun .303 Light Machine gun. 1943 Sold
harrington_and_richardson Deactivated American .22 Revolver by Harrington and Richardson Sold
deactivated_thompson_m1a1 WWII Thompson M1A1 in superb condition. Sold
1875_martini_henry Zulu War 1875 Martini Henry .455 Calibre rifle Obsolete calibre. Sold
WWII American M1 Carbine with original ammunition pouch, three magazines..... Sold
Dror Israeli made M1944 Johnson light machine gun. Superb. Sold
Deactivated WWII Lee Enfield No4 MKI rifle. NEW Sold
A rare early specification deactivated US Garand rifle and sling Sold
WWII Enfield Made MKI Bren Gun deactivated in 1991 Sold
Deactivated Mauser Carbine 16" barrel Sold
Deactivated WWII Russian PPSH41 submachine gun Old specification Sold
Deactivated British .303 Lee Enfield No4 Rifle. NEW Sold
Lee Enfield MKI Skeleton gun, SKN serial numbers Sold
An excellent all metal replica of a Colt 1911 A1 with brass dummy rounds. Sold
Deactivated WWII 1937 dated Lee Enfield SMLE MkIII Sold
Deactivated WWII British MKII Sten submachine gun with sling. Sold
browning_hi_power WWII Allied Browning high power No2 Mk1* Sold

British WWI Webley MKVI .455 Revolver Regimentaly marked. Old spec.

Old specification deactivated M1 carbine with extras. Sold
A rare early specification (1990) deactivated US Garand Superb example Sold
Rare MKIII (3) Bren as used by British Airborne troops 1944 dated SOLD
WWII 1942 dated Lee Enfield No4 rifle complete with its sling Sold
WWII American Thompson M1A1 Submachine gun Old specification SOLD
Deactivated WWII Smith and Wesson .38 Revolver old specification. Sold
Deactivated Browning Baby in its original box. Sold
First World War British Brass Webley Signal Pistol. Sold
Deactivated Enfield No2 MKI Revolver and Holster 1936 dated Sold
Antique Confederate percussion revolver Sold
Deactivated WWII American M1 Carbine Sold
deactivated Old specification large frame Marca revolver Sold
Lee Enfield No4 MkI Savage early example sold
WWII MKII Sten gun with sling old specification. Sold
Deactivated WWII Russian 1938 dated Nagant rifle Sold
Deactivated very Rare WWII selective fire M2 Carbine Sold
browning_high_powe Early Browning High Power with tangent rear sight Sold
Deactivated WWII Thompson M1A1 Submachine gun Sold
Brand new Marushin Colt 1911A1 working replica with rounds Sold
Deactivated WWII 1942 dated No4 Lee Enfield .303 rifle. Sold
Deactivated MKI Enfield made Bren gun in its wooden transit box. Sold
MK II Sten Gun by Hudson a superb working metal replica Sold
Deactivated Lee Enfield No4 Rifle Sold
Antique Colt revolver 6" barrel Brass frame lovely looking example. Sold
Superb WWII American .45 M3 Grease gun with sling and oiler. Sold
British BSA made 1929 Dated SMLE MKIII* deactivated in 1993 Sold
WWII 1936 Mas and grenade launcher SOLD
Browning 1910 pistol in its original box Superb example Sold
Deactivated Star model 1 Circa 1919 in 7.65 calibre. High quality Manlicher clone
Deactivated STEN MkIII submachine gun sold
Very Rare Deactivated Colt Military Model 1902 Pistol SOLD
Deactivated USA Garand Rifle Old Specification. sold
.38 Webley revolver with 4" barrel deactivated in 1988 sold
Superb WWII Springfield 1903 with leather sling near mint condition. Sold
Rare deactivated Sten MKIIs silenced submachine gun. Sold
SMLE converted from a Long Lee Enfield 1899 to a 1909 SMLE Con IV Sold
WWII .45 Colt 1911A1 with its original Pakerised finish Sold
Excellent deactivated .303 Lee Enfield No4 rifle 1942 dated with bayonet etc Sold
WWI British 1916 Lee Enfield SMLE with 1916 dated sling. Sold
Thompson M1A1 submachine gun and sling old specification Sold
British Webley .38 revolver with its lanyard Sold
Browning Automatic Rifle M19A2 BAR in excellent condition. sold
Enfield No2 MKI .38 service revolver 1931 dated and in lovely condition sold
Bren MkI in superb condition with its cover and transit case. Sold
deactivated_webley_WG Rare Deactivated Webley WG model 1896 Old specification with clear cylinders NEW Sold
Deactivated Smith & Wesson .35 1913 in Superb condition Sold
WWII Russian Mosin Nagant Carbine model of 1938 with sling sold
WWII Thompson M1A1 Submachine gun Old specification sold
Deactivated WWII Colt 1911 A1 pakerised finish sold
Old specification deactivated Webley MK4 Sold
Antique Remington Smoot obsolete calibre sold
Excellent deactivated WWII Webley MKIV Sold
Rare Deactivated American WWI P17 Rifle with sling sold
WWI P17 Rifle bayonet in near mint condition Sold
deactivated_vickers_machine_gun Deactivated WWII Vickers machine gun and tripod Sold
Deactivated First World War Lee Enfield .303 SMLE 1915 sold
Deactivated WWI P14 rifle and sling sold
Webley 38 revolver and holster old specification Clear chambers and barrel Sold
Deactivated WWII 1940 dated Enfield made service revolver. Clear chambers Sold
Deactivated Browning Automatic Rifle BAR M1918A2 Sold
Deactivated Mk1m Bren gun. Sold
Thompson 1921 This is a very early replica made by the model gun corporation. Sold
Deactivated .303 Lee Enfield No4 rifle with sling Sold
Deactivated Lee Enfield MK5 SMLE Sold
Short Lee Enfield I*** dated 1900 Very rare example. Sold
This is believed to be the only deactivated example of a Lee Enfield SMLE MK6 Sold
Very rare deactivated Lee Enfield No4 MkI Trials Rifle. Sold
Superb looking WWI French Berthier carbine 8mm Lebel 1917 Sold
Deactivated Colt 1911A1 with silencer in .22LR Sold
Deactivated British WWII .303 Lee Enfield MK 5 Jungle Carbine with sling Sold
WWII Colt 1911A1 Made by Ithica old specification. Sold
Original 1914 SMLE with volley sights, sling and mag cut-off Sold
WWI British army Colt 1911 in the British .455 Eley calibre and holster Sold
Deactivated WWII Thompson M1A1 submachine gun Sold
1945 dated Rare Deactivated 1945 Dated Bren MK3 in its Transit Box Sold
Deactivated Colt Police Positive old specification Sold
WWI Vickers machine gun clinometer dated 1918 Sold
Deactivated 1941 dated MKI Bren Gun with rare canvas cover Sold
Deactivated M1 Carbine 1943 dated Sold
WWII No 4 Lee Enfield .303 Rifle deactivated in 1988 sling and bayonet Sold
Deactivated BAR M 1918 A2 and gunners belt and spare magazines. Sold
Deactivated WWII dated M1A1 Carbine issued to USA Airborne troops Sold
First world war Webley Service revolver 1915 dated Old specification Sold
Deactivated WWII Lanchester * submachine gun and bayonet Sold
deactivated_mosin_nagant Russian Mosin WWII 1944 Carbine with bayonet Sold
Bren_gun Deactivated WWII MKI .303 Bren Gun made in 1944 by Lithgow Sold
deactivated Colt Police Positive old specification revolver Sold
deactivated_sted Deactivated WWII Sten Gun and Bayonet Old specification Sold
WWII dated Russian Tokarev TT mod.1933 pistol complete with holster, spare magazine and clearing rod. Sold
Deactivated USA WWII manufactured Colt 1911A1 and Holster Sold
deactivated_springfield_03 WWII American Springfield bolt action rifle Sold
Thompson M1A1 Old specification Parkarised finish Sold
Deactivated Enfield made MkI Bren Gun Sold
Deactived MKI BrenGun 1942 Enfield example Sold
Thompson Submachine gun 50 round drum magazine Sold
Deactivated 1942 dated Lee Enfield No4 rifle bayonet and inert rounds Sold
Deactivated WWII 1941 dated Russian DP26 Light Machine Gun Sold
Deactivated WWII American Thompson M1A1 Sold
deactivated_smith_and_wesson Deactivated Smith and Wesson .38 special Sold
Deactivated MKI Bren Gun 1944 dated Sold
USA WWII Browning .30 calibre light machine gun. and tripod Sold
Deactivated 9mm Browning high power in its original box. Super condition Sold
WWII Bren Gun Sustained Fire and Anti AircraftTripod Sold
Antique Colt Navy Percussion Revolver Sold
Early deactivated Sten MKII with 4 magazines, some inert 9 mm rounds, Sten MkII speed loader and correct sling. Sold
deactivated_P14 Enfield P14 Rifle fitted with volley sight regimentally marked Sold
Thompson 1928 and original 50 round drum magazine Sold
deactivated_browning_tangent_rear_sight Early Browning High Power in Superb condition Nazi stamped mag sold
deactivated_mas_1936_le Deactivated WWII French MAS Rifle 1936 and bayonet sold
Deactivated Lanchester MkI with 50 round magazine, bayonet & scabbard Sold
Deactivated Browning Automatic Rifle B.A.R and sling Sold
Rare Deactivated Lee Enfield MK 5 Jungle Carbine with sling Sold
deactivated_m1_carbine Deactivated M1 carbine with bayonet, sling, and more Sold
Deactivated .303 Bren MKIm in its Transit case Sold
Deactivated .303 WWI Vickers machine gun in transit case with Tripod. Sold
AK47 working replica made by Hudson and capable of firing reusable brass cartridges. Sold
Deactivated 1943 dated M1A1 Carbine issued to USA Airborne troops Sold
deactivated_lee_enfield_no4 DeactivatedNo4 Lee Enfield Rifle with Sling and Pigsticker bayonet. sold
Unusual Deactivated Colt1911 A1 Sold
Rare Deactivated WWI Lewis Gun and Bipod Bargain Sold
Deactivated Thompson M1A1 .45 WWII submachine gun Old spec Sold
Deactivated Smith and Wesson .38 special C.T.G revolver Old specification Sold
Thompson 1928 A1Cutts compensator old spec, Drum magazine, front vertical grip, Lyman sights, top cocking lever. Sold
Old specification Lee Enfield No.4 rifle 1942 with bayonet and slingl Sold
Deactivated WWI 1915 dated Lee Enfield SMLE .303 rifle. sold
WWII Excellent Dunkirk era 1938 dated Enfield made Bren gun in fantastic condition complete with its correct sling. Sold
Deactivated WWII British Navy Lanchester MkI* Submachine gun & sling Sold
Deactivated Colt 1908 .25 vest pocket automatic pistol Sold
deactivated_browning_1903 Mint condition deactivated_browning_1903 and holster Sold
deactivated_Thompson_M1 Deactivated WWII Thompson submachine gun with cutts and finned barrel. Old spec Sold
Colt_officers_model Deactivated WWII era American Colt .38 Officers Model Revolver Old spec Sold
deac_ppsh41 Deactivated WWII Russian PPSH41 Old specification, with a working action. Sold
deactivated_m1_carbine WWII M1 Carbine deactivated to new spec with moving cocking handle Sold
old_spec_deactivated_m1_carbine WWII USA Deactivated M1 Carbine old specification Sold
deactivated_webley_auto Deactivated Webley and Scott 1910 Pistol in its Original Box includes its brown leather holster.
webley_mk_6 Deactivated WWI dated Webley MkVI (6) .455 calibre service revolver in its leather holster Sold
Deactivated WWI dated Webley MkV .455 calibre Service revolver in its leather holster sold
WWI Webley .455 old specification rare 7" barrel revolver and lanyard. Sold
Deactivated Winchester Model 1892. Sold
Deactivated WWII 1942 dated Lee Enfield S.M.L.E Sold
USA M3A1 .45 grease gun - old spec all moving parts. Sold
WWII Colt .45 1911A1 in fantastic original condition Sold
Deactivated Browning Baby pistol 6.35 calibre. Sold
Superb condition .380 Colt 1903 semi automatic pistol. Sold
Old spec Hotchkiss Universal submachine gun Sold
Browning High Power, with tangent adjustable rear sight British army Sold
WWI French Lebel rifle Sold
Deactivated WWI Webley and Scott .32 Automatic Pistol, 1909 Sold
Superb rare deactivated WWI Savage .32 pistol and leather holster Circa 1915. Sold
Old spec deactivated 1937 dated British Army .38 Enfield revolver and superb brown leather holster. Sold
WWII Colt 1911A1 Made by the Union Switch and Signal company who are the rarest of the makers. Sold
USA M1 Garand rifl Old specification deactivation. Sold
Deactivated Antique British Bulldog type .455 calibre revolver circa 1880 Sold
Deactivated WW2 Nagant 7 shot revolver and holster sold
Yugo M-56 Old spec Deactivated smg Sold
PP43 Submachine gun Old spec all moving parts smg. sold
Deactivated Russian 7.62 calibre RPD light machine gun. Sold
Deactivated Russian Moisan Nagant carbine Sold
Deactivated WWII USA Colt 1911A1 Sold
lahti l-35 Deactivated Lahti L-35 WWII with holster and accessories.
The L-35 was designed by Aimo Lahti in 1935 and it became the official pistol for the Finnish armed forces.
Deactivated Sten MK II with silencer and canvas silencer cover. Sold
Vickers Deactivated Vickers medium machine gun on tripod. Choice of two from £750 Sold
Deactivated Browning 1900 and holster This is the model that was used to assassinate Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, which in turn started the first world war. Sold
DP Deactivated Russian DP light machine gun with bipod. Sold


Post War Archive

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deactivated_heckler_and_koch_g3 Deactivated Heckler and Koch G3 Assault Rifle Sold
uzi_replica All metal Uzi 9mm Replica and sling. Excellent example....... £sold
deactivated_model_49_57 Yugoslavian submachine gun heavily based on the Russian PPSH41... Sold
NEW An Excellent condition Deactivated British 7.62 Calibre SLR with night-scope rail. More details >> Sold
deactivated_beretta_m70 Deactivated Beretta PB M-70 7.65 calibre Automatic Pistol. Sold
 Deactivated_762_l1a1 Deactivated 7.62 calibre L1A1 self loading rifle. Sold
Deactivated Hungarian AKMD assault rifle. Sold
deactivated_glock_26 Deactivated Glock 26 9mm automatic pistol. Brand new boxed example Sold
deactivated_riot_gun Deactivated Federal Model 201-Z Riot/ Gun Sold
DEACTIVATED_SMITH_AND_WESSON Deactivated Stainless Smith & Wesson Model 5946 9mm Automatic Pistol. Sold
deactivated_Walther_mpk Super Rare German Walther 9mm MPK Submachine Gun in its Box.. Sold
Deactivated_New_Remington_Model_Army_Revolver Deactivated Remington New Model Army Revolver......... Sold
 deactivated_walther_ppk Deactivated Walther PPK Black With Walther Banner Brown Grips......... Sold
A beautiful limited edition 1990 Smith & Wesson magnum classic in its original presentation box.. Sold
deactivated_glock_17 Brand new latest model, boxed Glock 17 with tactical light and more................NEW Sold
deactivated_mod_10 Deactivated Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Revolver Old specification. Sold
deactivated_steyr_stg58 Deactivated Steyr STG58 Assault Rifle with fitted bipod. Sold
deactivated_glock_17 Deactivated Glock 17 Brand new model boxed with extras............. Sold
deactivated_beretta_92FS Deactivated Beretta 92FS Boxed with spare magazine and paperwork. Sold
deactivated_colt_army A lovely looking deactivated black powder Colt type revolver. NEW Sold
steyr_m9 Deactivated Steyr M9 Comes in a Steyr lockable hard plastic case with accessories Sold
deactivated_ak47 Deactivated Old Specification AK47 With Folding Stock Sold
357_magnum Old Specification .357 Magnum revolver by Smith and Wesson Sold
snub_nose_smith_and_wesson Rare old specification Smith and Wesson Snub Nose revolver. Sold
Deactivated_model_13_smith_and_wesson Deactivated Smith & Wesson Military and Police Magnum Model 13 Sold
 deactivated_model_10 Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Special and Shoulder Holster.......... Sold
deactivated_cheifs_special Rare old specification Smith & Wesson 5 shot, .38 Chiefs Special, in its holster, with 5 inert rounds..................... Sold
deactivated_PPK German James Bond era Walther PPK in stunning condition......... Sold
deactivated_browning_high_power A superb condition Browning high power 9mm automatic pistol........... Sold
deactivated_slr Deactivated 7.62 calibre L1A1 self loading rifle. Plastic Furniture. Sold
Brand new boxed Beretta 9000s with spare magazine manuals and paperwork Sold
deactivated_smith_and_wesson_5946 Deactivated Stainless Smith & Wesson Model 5946 9mm Automatic Pistol Sold
deactivated_smith_and_wesson Deactivated Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum Revolver Sold
deactivated_ruger_mini_14 Deactivated Folding Stock Ruger Mini 14 and Scope Sold
heckler_and_koch A brand new deactivated, boxed Heckler & Koch USPc with manuals and paperwork and a spare magazine. Sold
deactivated_44_magnum A superb 8.5 inch barrel stainless .44 Magnum revolver in its original box Sold
Deactivated 9 mm Uzi type Kommando machine pistol. Old spec Sold
Argentinean_colt  Argentinean made Colt 1911 Ballester-Molina. As used by Argentine forces during the Falklands war. Sold
deactivated_smith_and_wesson_mod_59 Deactivated Smith & Wesson Model 59 automatic Pistol Sold
deactivated_m16_a1 Rare Deactivated M16-A1 old specification with scope and sling sold
Deactivated Walther PP clone in its leather holster Sold
Deactivated Astra 4000 automatic pistol 9mm Sold
Old specification Uzi 9mm submachine gun with wooden stock. Sold
A brand new all black German Walther P22 in its box with tools, manuals etc


Deactivated Walther P22 in its box with instruction manuals and tools.


Smith and Wesson model 669 in Stainless. Superb looking gun Sold
Deactivated AKM Assault Rifle old specification Sold
Deactivated Uzi Submachine Gun with working slide Sold
Armalite AR180 Assault Rifle and Scope, sling and folding stock Sold
Heckler_and_Koch_usp Heckler and Koch USP 9 m/m automatic pistol. In its original box Sold
A superb Colt frontier revolver in bright nickle plated finish sold
Smith & Wesson Model 645 Stainless automatic pistol boxed. Sold
Deactivated Taurus 9mm pistol in stainless. Boxed with instructions Sold
Deactivated Belgian FN FAL Assault Rifle Old specification. Sold
deactivated_glock_19 Deactivated Glock 19 automatic. Brand new boxed NEW sold
Uzi_marushin Rare all metal Uzi by Marushin with sling and 12 reusable rounds sold
deactivated_walther_p99 Deactivated 9mm Walther P99 in its original box with manual and more...... sold
Brand new boxed Beretta 92FS with spare magazine, manuals......... Sold
Deactivated Heckler and Koch P7 M13 with Silencer Boxed with manual. Sold
Deactivated Browning High Power in its original box Superb Sold

Brand New deactivated Glock 17 boxed with spare mag, loader and more......... NEW
Walther_p99 Deactivated Walther P99AS boxed and as new, with spare mag, manual.......... Sold
MP_5 Deactivated Heckler and Koch MP5 old specification. Sold
Deactivated FEG made PPK a stunning looking little gun, in 9mm. Sold
Deactivated Winchester Model 94 classic underlever action rifle. Sold
Gold plated Smith & Wesson .38 special Revolver Old Specification. Sold
Deactivated Heckler und Koch HK33 Assault rifle with extending stock Sold
Hotchkiss Universal submachine gun, used by French paratroops. Sold
Superb Smith and Wesson .38 special revolver. Old specification. Sold
Rare Deactivated Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun. Old specification Sold
AK47 deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired. Sold
Deactivated Browning High Power SA Sold
Deactivated Armalite AR10 Rifle Circa 1960 A classic design and the Daddy of the M16. Sold
Fully working Uzi replica by Marushin with rounds. Sold
Deactivated Browning High Power in superb condition. Sold
Sturm Ruger mini 14. Current spec deactivation with moving slide. Sold
Super rare deactivated M14 rifle old specification with working action Sold
Deactivated Glock 19 in its Glock box with cleaning rod and inert rounds Sold
Deactivated Black Colt Python 357 magnum wooden grips. Sold
Deactivated Glock 20 excellent example Sold
Deactivated Glock 17 boxed, with spare magazine Sold
Superb M16A1 fully working replica with spare magazine and mag holder Sold
Colt automatic. Chambered in 9mm Luger and fitted with a rear sight. Sold
Deactivated Beretta model 20 one for the 007 fans Sold
Rare Vietnamese War era French Army Mac 1950 9mm pistol and holster Sold
Rare Uzi Eagle 9mm automatic pistol in its box with its manual Sold
deactivated_ppks Deactivated German made Walther PPKs in 9mm kurz. All black example. Sold
Deactivated Russian Makarov Pistol in its holster with a spare magazine Sold
Deactivated 7.65 calibre all black Walther PPKs Sold
Rare deactivated Heckler and Koch Mark 23 .45 ACP SOCOM special forces pistol.


Sig_p266 Deactivated Sig P266 Superb condition Sold
Deactivated Uzi 9mm submachine gun with removable wooden stock Sold
Winchester Model 25 Vietnam era 12 Gauge Pump action shotgun Sold
Deactivated Russian 7.62 mm Tokarev TT33 Pistol and holster Sold
Rare Deactivated Colt AR15 Old specification Sold
Deactivated Uzi with folding stock and moving slide sold
deactivated_vigneron Belgian Vigneron 9 mm submachine gun. Old spec all moving parts cocks, dry fires and field strips. Sold
Rare Browning BDM in it original box in 9mm Luger spare mag and manual sold
Deactivated Smith and Wesson SW9V (Glock clone) Rare gun boxed Sold
Deactivated Taurus PT55 automatic with silencer an excellent example Sold
Superb .45 Remington Rand 1911A1 Sold
Deactivated AK74s in superb condition with spare magazines Sold
Deactivated Walther PPK with silencer one for the Bond fans Sold
Deactivated Tanfoglio TA90 9mm pistol Sold
deactivated Browning High Power Mk. III Sold
Deactivated silenced Uzi submachine gun with removable stock Sold
Deactivated Silenced Uzi submachine gun with folding stock Sold
Marushin MP40 blow back model gun kit boxed Sold
Deactivated all black Beretta 92s with spare magazine and box. Sold
Deactivated British MK4 Sterling submachine gun old specification NEW Sold
Star Semi Automatic Pistol in excellent condition NEW Sold
Fantastic M16A2 Carbine PFC firing working metal replica by MGC Sold
Deactivated British7.62 SLR Old specification Sold
.357 Magnum Colt King Cobra Revolver in stainless . Sold
Deaxctivated Walther P88 compact in its original box Sold
Deactivated Walther PPK in its original box with manual and more........ Sold
German made Walther PPKs in 7.65 calibre boxed Sold
Deactivated Sig Sauer Sig Pro SP2009 in its original box with manuals Sold
deactivated_pump_action_shotgun Deactivated pump action shotgun Sold
Blank_firing_m16 M16 8mm blank firing Replica Sold
Deactivated Walther PPK Sold
German Anschutz revolver. Old specification with a clear cylinder. Sold
Deactivated Makarov pistol spare magazine and holster Sold
deactivated .44 Taurus revolver in stainless with wood grips Sold
Deactivated Browning 1922 and leather holster, spare magazine and rod Sold
Deactivated German Walther PPKL one for the Bond fans Sold
Mint boxed Beretta 92FS 9mm pistol in Stainless Sold
Deactivated Italian beretta 9000s, boxed Sold
Deactivated BRNO CZ model 5 in its box Sold
Deactivated German Walther PPKs in the rare 9 mm calibre. Boxed Sold
Deactivated Browning High Power Mk. III in its Browning box Sold
Deactivated old spec British and Commonwealth 7.62 SLR, wooden furniture, sling. Sold
sterling Deactivated Sterling sub-machine gun this excellent weapon was adopted by the British Army in 1953 and continued to be in service until 1988. Sold
Deactivated old spec British and Commonwealth 7.62 SLR, wooden furniture, sling. Sold
French made Unique Olympique Model 69 pistol Sold
M16A1 working replica sold
Deactivated Glock 19 in its original Glock box Sold
AK-74 Genuine old specification deactivated AK74 in mint condition with bayonet. Sold
ak47 Rare Old spec Deactivated Rumanian AKS74 Paratrooper's model sideways folding stock example, with front fore grip. Field strippable Sold
Deactivated Romanian AKM Assault Rifle Old spec Sold
AK47 Folding stock example with spare mags inert rounds This example is an old spec real deactivated gun (not a dummy gun). Sold
Deactivated Heckler & Koch USP Stainless in its original box Mint condition Sold
Deactivated Dan Wesson PPC Revolver Sold
Deactivated German made Walther PPK with screw in silencer. Sold
Deactivated Smith & Wesson model 5946 Stainless Sold
deactivated_ar4 Deactivated AR4 Survival Rifle Old specification deactivation Sold
Deactivated Ruger Mini 14 in superb condition Old Specification Sold
AGM1_carbine Deactivated AGM1 9mm Parabellum carbine Sold
marushin_uzi Excellent Uzi 9mm working PFC replica with 32 rounds Sold
Deactivated Smith and Wesson Stainless model 5446 Sold
deactivated_ak47 Mint condition example of a Hungarian made AK47 Working action Sold
8 mm Blank firing AK47 kalashnikov replica Sold
Deactivated Paratrooper's AK47 variant AMD65 Old spec Sold
Deactivated American Ruger P89 semi auto pistol Sold
Uzi 9 mm made by IMI Old spec all moving parts cocks, dry fires and field strips. Sold
Deactivated AKSU-74 Old specification Sold
Deactivated Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun old spec Sold
Deactivated 7.62 Armalite AR10 rifle Sold
Old spec deactivated CZ model 25 submachine gun sold
deactivated_glock_19 Deactivated Austrian Glock 19 in case with manuals. Sold
Deactivated 7.62 RPK light support weapon Sold

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