An Early Production Deactivated Martin Henry MKI Rifle

An Early Production Deactivated Martin Henry MKI Rifle

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This Martini Henry was originally manufactured in 1872 (the second year of production) by RSAF Enfield as a MKI for the British military and was chambered then for .577/450 ammunition. It was later upgraded to a MKII. On the stock below the Enfield roundal is "II" (MKII) designation and below this is a single "I". This denotes that it was a first class weapon and would have been issued to front line troops only. The other markings are of the regiment it was assigned.

With the introduction of the bolt action rifle and the .303 cartridge, the Martini was eventually retired from service, many were then sold off into private ownership. W.W.Greener specialized in converting these perfectly serviceable firearms into .22 target rifles. This is one of those conversions done specifically for the The National Rifle Association or N.R.A. Barrels were re-sleeved or changed for .22 and peep hole sights were added for increased accuracy. This example still retains its original military markings, sling swivels and bayonet lug, often these markings and parts were removed. On the under side of the stock are the owners details, it reads; L.S.B.R.C. H.Bayen. KG. The lines hand cut into the foregrip are often associated with kills! During WWII Home Guard units were armed with these Martini's.

Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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