Deactivated 1874 Martini Henry Under Lever

Deactivated 1874 Martini Henry Under Lever

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This is a fascinating Enfield Martini Henry rifle. It was originally manufactured in 1874 as a MK1 rifle chambered in .577. The MKI was first introduced into British military service in 1871 until 1876, after which most MKI's were upgraded to the then new MKII. This can be seen on the receiver. An additional Roman numeral has been added to the left of the original  "I" designation. After being retired from military service many Martini's were converted to .22. This first began in the 1920s as part of a Government initiative to promote practical shooting using small bore firearms. As a result companies such as C.G. Bonehill. Birmingham converted large quantities of these surplus Martini rifles. At some stage later on in its life this Martini was then converted into a .410 shotgun.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving parts (Lever, trigger and action).

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