Deactivated 1908 Dated SMLE MKIII

Deactivated 1908 Dated SMLE MKIII

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This is a rare 1908 dated SMLE MKIII .303 Rifle. The SMLE was first introduced into military service in 1903. From 1907 to 1912 Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield only produced 100,000 MKIII SMLE's. On average that's less than 17,000 a year. On the right hand side of the action by the bolt safety lever are the additional upgrade dates and inspectors marks that this rifle received in 1909, 1910, and 1911, shortly after this rifle would have been sent to war in 1914. During WWII it was re-barreled with BSA marked barrel date stamp '40 (1940). The rifle is also stamped with the initials "EY" and "DP", meaning Emergency Use only and Drill Purpose after which it was sold out of service.

A fascinating rifle that saw active service during both world wars and that was used for training new recruits.

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