Deactivated 1917 dated Vickers Machinegun with Tripod

Deactivated 1917 dated Vickers Machinegun with Tripod

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This is a First World War British made Vickers machine gun with its 1917 dated cradle. The gun was made by Vickers, Armstrong, Crayford (V.A.C.) and dates to November 1917 as the year of manufacture. We have included the known serial batches from the book confirming this. This example is one of the last to be manufactured using the milled or lightened side plates as seen on the earlier L series guns. Vickers, Crayford are thought to have used up their stocks of these milled side plates around August or September of 1917 with serial number C8234 being the previously heighest known example. The rare 1917 dated tripod cradle is one of only 50 made by SU Company Ltd who were awarded the contract to make Vickers tripods from 1914, and who made among the fewest of all the contractees. Also included is an original and rare brass water hose connector and muzzle flash hider. The guns barrel jacket retains the majority of its wartime painted finish, and the body / receiver and ancillaries have all been painted with British military Suncorite. This practice is most commonly associated with weapons what were put back into service during the Second World War. After being retired from military service this gun remained with in used for training and drilling. The initials DP meaning Drill Purpose.

The Vickers is synonymous with the Great War but was also fundamental in Britain's WWII efforts and eventual outcome, being used on all fronts throughout the world.

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