Deactivated Arabicised Martini Henry Rifle

Deactivated Arabicised Martini Henry Rifle

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This is a Martini Henry rifle, chambered in .303. This example has been "Arabicized" and is a likely Afghan bring-back. These unique embellishments would have been added by its owner. The receiver has hand engravings on either side and what look to be the owners name. These types of guns are often found with all manner of unique parts and modifications, and this one no is exception. The wood work has been shortened and a barrel band fitted to secure it. The but stock plate looks to be from a Lee Speed or Metford rifle. Having no visible markings it is hard to give an accurate date, however its looks to be a fairly early Martini with short lever unusually only found on MK1 & MKIIs.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving trigger and lever action.

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