Deactivated Boer War / WWI BSA Long Lee Enfield Rifle

Deactivated Boer War / WWI BSA Long Lee Enfield Rifle

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This is a Second Boer War / WWI Birmingham Small Arms manufactured Long Lee Enfield rifle MKI* dated 1902. This rifle bears the Royal Cypher "ER" of King Edward VII who became King in 1902 after the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, and was in service with the Australian's during WWI. The rifles barrel is marked "LITHGOW" . There are also two dates stamps 10 and 25 (1910 and 1925). It is quite plausible that this rifle saw service in South Africa during the Second Boer War then in Gallipoli in 1915-16 after which it was rebarreled and refurbished in 1925 at the Lithgow factory. A fascinating rifle. Incredible it still retains many original parts including the both front and rear volley sights, magazine cut off plate and bolt cover. The bolt is matched to the rifle but has clearly been re-numberd by the Aussie armourer during the refurbishment. A good indication that it returned from active service.

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