Deactivated British 1914 WWI Lewis Gun

Deactivated British 1914 WWI Lewis Gun

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Deactivated WWI Lewis Gun. The Lewis was developed in the United States in 1911. At 12 kg it was far lighter than the Vickers Machine-Gun making it a lot easier to move from one position to another quickly Another advantage of the Lewis is that six of these guns could be made in the time taken to produce one Vickers gun. In 1915 the British Army decided to purchase the gun for use on the Western Front. Although a little too heavy for efficient portable use, it became the standard support weapon for the British infantry during the First World War. This example was made by the Birmingham Small Arms Factory (BSA)

A really superb looking Model 1914 Lewis. Cocks strips and dry fires. A rare opportunity to obtain a first world war classic.

We have obtained a small number of these historic weapons. All are in lovely condition and all have the rare carry handle.

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