Deactivated Browning Model 1900 Pistol

Deactivated Browning Model 1900 Pistol

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A lovely original condition Browning Model 1900. John Moses Browning is one of the greatest names in the entire history of firearms. This being one of his most famous models. After disagreements with gunmakers Winchester, for whom he was working for at the time, he moved his operations to Europe (Belgium) at the Fabrique Nationale plant, better known as FN. Where immediate interest was shown, and the 1900 was soon in production. First produced in 1900, this historic model finished production in 1912. A great example that dates to pre WWI production and is still in super original condition with its crisp factory bluing, matching numbers and period Bakelite FN logo grips. It is missing the magazine. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired.

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