Deactivated Converted British manufactured Martini Henry MKI

Deactivated Converted British manufactured Martini Henry MKI

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This is a unique converted British manufactured Martini Henry MKI under lever rifle, chambered in .577. During the many colonial wars, and whilst the Martini Henry rifle was in general service with the British army they were often captured and used by the various Afghan and Indian rebel forces. Captured weapons were sometimes personalised or modified to an individuals requirements. This level of modification can vary from hand engraving, silver in-lays etc, often using all manner of parts and whatever material were to hand. They are sometimes referred to as "Khyber Pass" guns. The Khyber Pass is a 33 mile route through the Hindu Kush mountain range that connects the northern frontier of Pakistan with Afghanistan. In this region there has been a teeming arms industry with the local craftsmen/gunsmiths making all types of hand made firearms. This example is not to be confused with the many knock-offs and copies associated with this province. This is a genuine British made Martini Henry. Just visible on the receiver are the original Enfield or BSA "MKI" and "2" second class weapon classifications. 2nd class weapons were commonly used to arm pro non-British (colonial) forces. Only the British received 1st class weapons. This unique gun has been shortened, the stock removed and a pistol grip added with hand made wooden grips. The cocking lever has then been modified to follow the shape of the pistol grip. It is a one-off.

It has been deactivated with a working action and can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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