Deactivated D-Day Era Bren MKII

Deactivated D-Day Era Bren MKII

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This is a WWII dated Bren MKII that was manufactured by Inglis in 1944. This Bren has an interesting history, it was produced by Canadian firm Inglis under the Lead Lease agreement for use by British and Common Wealth forces during WWII, and would have seen service during latter stages of the war. Post WWII it was converted by SAF - Small Arms Factory, Indian who are known to have reworked around 18,000 standard Bren's into this configuration, the MK3/1 - similar to the MK3 airbourne configured Bren with shorter barrel. Another unusual feature is the selective fire modification restricting it from fully automatic fire. A pin stops the selector from camming into that position. The remnants of red paint and number "18" on the stock may signify that this Bren was used for specific rolls, for example weapons training.

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