Deactivated Enfield Martini Henry 1886 Rifle

Deactivated Enfield Martini Henry 1886 Rifle

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Originally manufactured by Enfield as MKIV in 1886 and chambered in .577/450, this Martini Henry rifle was later supplied to Egypt in the early 1900s. when it was received at the Egyptian arsenal at The Citadel in Cairo it was their that it was converted to chamber .303 and date stamped 1903. During this period, Egypt was of great importance and influence to the British Empire primarily to protect and control the Suez Canal, which was a vitally important supply route for the British Empire. Britain helped arm the Egyptian Army, including supplying them with quantities Martini-Henry rifles. This continued until the end of WW1. From late 1914 until mid-1915, British and Egyptian forces stood on the defensive along the Suez Canal, defeating various Turkish and German attempts to capture or damage the canal. A very interesting and well traveled carbine. Deactivated to EU specifications.

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