Deactivated First World War W.W. Greener

Deactivated First World War W.W. Greener

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This is an original early First World War W.W. Greener, Birmingham, MKIII brass flare pistol that was brought back by a serving British soldier who was injured during the Battle of Somme. This example is dated 1915 and has low serial number of just 1364. It is broad arrow marked with British military acceptance stamps and is completely untouched with its original wooden grips and lanyard hoop. It would appear that this pistol was re-numbered whilst in production at the Greener factory. The serial number font is same on both frame and barrel and both carry 1915 acceptance stamps.

Of considerable interest, Webley & Scott, who were contracted to produced the vast majority of MKIII's, themselves only managed to make 22,104 flare pistols in 1915. In comparison Greener made a tiny amount, from the known serial numbers experts estimate their entire production to be no greater than 1500 pistols. This pistol being one of their last (s/n 1364). A rare British military flare pistol.

Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

This item is available for purchase and is currently at the proof house being certificated.

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