Deactivated Franz Stock pistol Issued to The Royal Dutch Navy.

Deactivated Franz Stock pistol Issued to The Royal Dutch Navy.

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This is an extremely rare Franz Stock pistol that was issued to the Dutch Navy. Franz Stock were a German gun maker based in Berlin and started production of this model during the 1920s. Studies of serial numbers for this 7.65 mm model have been observed no higher than 17,322. This example is number 8352. The pistol grip is marked K.M. 64. These initials are only found on The Royal Dutch Navy issued firearms. Another very unusual feature is the obliterated unit markings. At the rear are the initials "K I 35" and on the right hand side of the frame are what look to be  "F F R  41". These may well be abbreviations for ships it was assigned to, and the numbers 35 and 41 possibly denote the year. The Dutch had a very small navy and during WW2 suffered huge loses to the Nazis. To find such a scarce pistol with this combination of markings is exceptionally unusual and leads us to believe that this is one of only a handful known to exist. It is the first one of its type we have ever seen and will almost certainly be the last! The pistol has the correct German proofs, Crown over N and is matching numbers including the magazine and has unblemished grips. Deactivated with moving parts it comes with an EU/UK certificate of deactivation.

Of considerable interest, during WWII Franz Stock were in business and were allocated secret Nazi code "con".

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