Deactivated Operation Barbarossa Russian M91 Nagant Rifle

Deactivated Operation Barbarossa Russian M91 Nagant Rifle

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This is a scarce WWII dated Russian M91 Mosin Nagant rifle with "Hex" receiver that was made at the Izhevsk factory but, was not assembled by them in the final stages of production. This rifle's receiver does not have the  "O in circle" and "K in circle" factory proof markings. This means it was not tested at the factory before it was shipped but, instead left as parts. It would then have been sent to a Russian repair depot where, it could used to repair and/or complete rifles that were urgently required, hence the early Hex receiver with a 1941 dated barrel. Another distinguishing feature are the serial numbers which have their own particular range with no letter prefix. Some were numbered at the factory whilst others were added by the depot after assembly. 

In July 1941 Operation Barbarossa began with Nazi forces invading Russia, catching the Russian completely by surprise who were slow to react. As a repair depot assembled rifle this rifle would have been at the forefront of the action. Russia sacrificed millions of its men during this period but had to keep weapons production going to replenish the continued demand.

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