Deactivated Rare 1906 Enfield SMLE MKI Rifle

Deactivated Rare 1906 Enfield SMLE MKI Rifle

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This is a rare 1906 dated SMLE MKI*** .303 Rifle. The SMLE was first introduced into military service in 1903. From 1903 to 1906 Enfield only produced 193,644 MKI & MKI* SMLE's. On average that's less than 50,000 a year. The additional stars on this SMLE signify its various upgrades, this can be seen to the right of the safety catch where there are stamped four modification dates for 1908, 1909, 1910, and 1911.This example is fitted with an early bolt assembly that is serial number T55499. This number is very close to this SMLE's, and that also has the letter N stamped on it denoting it was a conversion for the Royal Navy. The receiver still has the early charger bridge loading guide. Also present are the volley and dioptor sights and the wood work and nose cap are numbered to the receiver.

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