Deactivated RARE Enfield Cavalry Carbine

Deactivated RARE Enfield Cavalry Carbine

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An extremely rare Boer War era military marked Lee Enfield Cavalry Carbine -LEC MKI*. Manufactured by Enfield in 1900 it is correctly marked with the LEC 1* designation. These carbines were designed as true cavalry carbines and issued to mounted troops. The bolt has a distinctive flat on top of the cocking lever which is swept forward. The magazine is much shorter than normal with only a 6 shot capacity and has a chain attached to prevent it from being lost or dropped. Along with some other design features this made it much easier to holster whilst on horse back. The LEC was only made by Enfield from 1899-1903. This example is from only the second years production and is an early carbine with a letter A suffix in the serial number. The markings by the Enfield name show that this carbine was returned to the factory on at least three occasions for various repairs or upgrades. The wood work bears many armorers repairs and still has the rear sight leather cover attaching screws in tact. Incredible its still has its bolt cover and magazine cut-off plate. A very rare Enfield carbine with lots history. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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