Deactivated Rare German Captured French Lebel MLE 1886 M93 Rifle

Deactivated Rare German Captured French Lebel MLE 1886 M93 Rifle

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This is a very unusual and unique WWI French Lebel MLE 1886 M93 rifle. It was original manufactured in 1888 by MAC - Nationale d'Armes de Chtellerault. During WWI, this rifle was in service with the French army when it was captured by the Germans. The stock is marked with the Imperial German army "Deutsches Reich" property stamp. Note; that the serial numbers on the action and stock are matched. These captured rifles were referred to by the Germans as  "Beutegewehr" (captured rifle). This is a very rare mark and confirms that this rifle was used by both French and German soldiers during the Great War. Another very unusual feature is the drop down lever on the bolt and the magazine conversion. The drop down bolt lever is most commonly found on the French carbines. Why this was fitted is unclear but one very plausible explanation is that this was to be used as a sniping rifle. This type of lever wouldn't fowl a scope when being cocked. The Russian's used a similar design on Nagant sniper rifles. The single shot conversion is also very unusual. The action body does have the provision for the magazine loading tube, although the forward wood work has no provision for the tube. Another curious addition is the bracket fixed below the bolt where the magazine feed tray was. These modifications would indicate that this rifle was deliberately converted back to single shot. Finally the removal of the foresight blade may have also been done so that it didn't interfere with a scopes optics. The stock is unit marked "B62" , which looks to be Germanic.

A truly rare and fascinating WWI rifle, and a one-off!

Deactivated to current specifications with full moving parts.

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