Deactivated Rare WWII Bren MKI German Captured

Deactivated Rare WWII Bren MKI German Captured

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This is an early production Enfield Bren MK1 with "Dovetail" sight mounts, that was captured by German forces during WWII. It is believed to have been retrieved from the beaches of Dunkirk after the BEF(British Expeditionary Force) evacuation in 1940. British forces abandoned thousands of weapons as they gradually retreated across France towards the town of Dunkirk. German armorers have machined off the Kings Crown, date stamp, serial numbers and inspection marks before refinishing and renumbering this Bren. The numbers 298 are quintessentially Germanic as is the electro-stenciled number on the trigger assembly. The calibred remained the same in British .303. This Bren would have been issued during the latter stages of WWII to members of the Volksturm - "people's storm" to help defend Berlin as the Allies advanced.

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