Deactivated RARE WWII Lanchester MKI

Deactivated RARE WWII Lanchester MKI

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This is a rare WWII British issued Lanchester MKI sub-machine gun. The wartime makers code M/94 on the magazine housing is that of Greener who only made 16,990 Lanchesters. The vast majority of prodoction was by Sterling who made nearly 75,000. This example was made in 1942 and has the corresponding "42" stamp. This gun has definitely seen service with the remnents of British Suncorite paint on the body and a replacement rear sight fitted from an SMLE rifle. Most Lanchesters were issued to the Royal Navy and due to the scarcity of these guns finding a rear sight woud have been near impossible, especailly whilst on deployment at sea. A simple armourers fix to keep this gun in service would have been to fit this sight. The SMLE rifle was also in service with the R.N. and parts would have been plentiful. Deactivated with a working action.


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