Deactivated Swiss Military Issued Schmidt Rubin M1911 Carbine

Deactivated Swiss Military Issued Schmidt Rubin M1911 Carbine

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This is superb condition Swiss military issued Schmidt Rubin Model of 1911 carbine. Although refered to as the M1911 production started in 1914 and ended in 1933 with 184,200 made. This example dates to 1921 and is one of only 8500 made that year. It has all visible matching numbers. The Schmidt-Rubin was the first straight-pull bolt action service rifle of any nation. The straight-pull action relied upon an actuating rod, set in a channel to the right of the breech, to rotate the bolt though a helical channel cut in the bolt sleeve. Twin locking lugs were positioned midway through the bolt sleeve, locking the bolt into the receiver directly above the trigger. This action allows the operator to eject the spent cartridge in one motion, and push the bolt forward to chamber a round, cock the striker, and lock the action. Very advanced for its time. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired. Comes with a EU/UK certificate. Included is an original leather sling and several inert rounds. 

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