Deactivated Very Rare WWI & WWII Colt 1911

Deactivated Very Rare WWI & WWII Colt 1911

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This is a very rare and extremely interesting Colt 1911 pistol. The serial number 445956 dates this pistol to First World War production. The numbers 196 stamped on the slide may refer to the 196th Infantry Brigade of the US army who were formed in the early 1920s. Then, during WWII this pistol was part of a very small batch of Colt 1911s & 1911A1s that were transferred to the Chinese Government under a "Lend Lease" agreement. According to Charles Clawson's studies into this particular contract, there were only 2,266 of these pistols sent to China during WWII. The pistol grip is marked with Chinese charactors and their weapon number 1547. During this period the military leader of China was Chiang Kai Shek. Chiang is regarded as a very controversial figure, although supporters credit him with playing a major part in the Allied victory of WWII and unifying the nation and a national figure of the Chinese resistance against Japan.

You are unlikely find another another one in the UK!

A very rare historic Colt 1911 that was used against the Germans in WWI and the Japanese during WWII.

Deactivated to EU/UK specifications it can be cocked and dry fired.

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