Deactivated Very Rare WWII British Issued Thompson M1928A1

Deactivated Very Rare WWII British Issued Thompson M1928A1

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This is a very rare British military marked WWII Thompson 1928A1 submachine gun with matching numbers. The letter "S" at the being of the serial number denotes that US firm Savage Stevens produced this gun. On top of the receiver it is stamped with the "Tommy Gun" trade mark. This was applied to Thompson 1928s serial numbered between S-153219 and S-274118. This example is number S-219720. Under US laws in order to keep the "Tommy Gun" trade mark name a certain percentage of the build must be made and marked appropriately.

During WWII the British ordered around 107,000 Thompson's from the US under the Lend Lease agreement between the UK & US Governments. The very first batches carry UK military broad arrow acceptance stamps and British inspectors mark on the right hand side of the receiver. Another trade mark British alteration made to stock Thompson's was the repositioning of the sling swivels, moving the rear one from the bottom to the top and the forward one to the side. This modification was most commonly associated and done at the request of the British Commandos and Airborne units.

This example is correctly marked with the US Ordnance and inspectors stamps. It has a finned barrel, Cutts compensator and early production adjustable flip-up Lymans rear sights. A great piece of British WWII history.

A rare opportunity to own a British issued Thompson machine gun. Its safe to say that this Thompson has definitely been there and done it........!!!

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