Deactivated Webley No1 R.I.C. Revolver, Chambered in .455

Deactivated Webley No1 R.I.C. Revolver, Chambered in .455

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This is a genuine Webley No1 "Royal Irish Constabulary" (R.I.C.) marked revolver. The frame is marked with the Webley winged bullet logo and has the following markings; "C.G. over Webleys R.I.C. No1 .455 CF". The over stamping was done when it was reissued. The original serial number 91832 dates to just before the First World War. The initial C.G. could be the abbreviation for a number of forces that it may have been issued to. For example the Coldstream Guards, City of Glagow Police or perhaps the Cape Government. The top strap is stamped with P. Webley & Son, London & Birmingham. The markings on the other side are foreign and are possibly Indian. It is certainly a very intriguing and well traveled revolver .The RIC revolver was introduced by Webley in the late 1860s, they soon after secured a contract to supply them to the Royal Irish Constabulary (R.I.C.) in January 1868.

It can be cocked and dry fired, however the cylinders no longer cycle/turn. The action is still crisp and both single and doubles actions operate.


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