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Deactivated WW2 Enfield No2 MK1** .38 Revolver

Deactivated WW2 Enfield No2 MK1** .38 Revolver

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This is a matching numbers WW2 (D-Day era) British military issued Enfield No2 MKI** .38 Revolver, dated 1944. Often referred to as the "Tankers" revolver, it is said that RAF crews first raised the concerns about the hammer catching in the cockpit when bailing out. The No2 differs from the standard Enfield & Webley .38 models only working off double action which in turn made them less likely to be accidentially discharged. They were widely used throughout the British Army and issued to armoured vehicle or tank crews and the RAF. Deactivated with clear chambers and a working action.

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