Deactivated WWI British Issued Smith & Wesson .455 Revolver

Deactivated WWI British Issued Smith & Wesson .455 Revolver

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This is a First World War British contract Smith & Wesson .455 Second Model Revolver. These large framed revolvers were only produced in .455 calibre for the British army at the request of UK Government during WWI. All British issued revolvers were Broad arrow marked with inspectors stamps below. The outbreak of WW1 quickly revealed that there were insufficient quantities of Webley MK6 .455 revolvers. The UK Government realising this looked for alternate sidearms and approached S&W. The contracted started in 1915, with it being terminated in 1917. S&W produced a total of around 69,000 revolvers during this period with the serial number range from 5001- 74755. This example being a fairly early one serial number 54069 dating to around 1916. The majority were issued to British officer and much rarer than the Webley MK6. This particular revolver has a plethora of other interesting markings that it has acquired during its service life. 

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