Deactivated WWI British Officers Colt Eley .455 Revolver

Deactivated WWI British Officers Colt Eley .455 Revolver

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This is an early First World War British issued US made Colt Eley New Service .455 calibre revolver. These British contract Colt revolvers were only made in this calibre during WW1. The serial number of this one dates to 1915 production, the first year of this contract. Colt's total production of this model in 1915 was only 22,000 revolvers. From this total and even smaller amount were British contract. Once received in England and before being issued they were stamped with the British inspection, acceptance, and proof marks. The  letter "E" below broad arrow stamp denotes that it was inspected at the RSAF Enfield.

The outbreak of WW1 quickly revealed that there were insufficient quantities of Webley .455 revolvers. The UK Government realising this looked for alternate sidearms and approached Colt to produce the New Service in British .455 (the same as the Webley's). In total Colt only shipped 60,000, and in 1917 when the US entered the war shipping ceased. British officers in WW1 had to buy their own "kit", which included sidearms and holsters. Nearly all of these British contract Colt Eley revolvers were purchased by British officers. Much rarer than the Webley MK6, this example would be great addition to a WWI collection.

It has been deactivated to current specifications with clear chambers.

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