Deactivated WWI British P14 Rifle

Deactivated WWI British P14 Rifle

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This is a WWI dated British P14 (Pattern 1914) Enfield Rifle. This rifle was originally manufactured in the US by ERA (Eddystone Remington Arms) for the British during the First World War and is dated ('16) 1916. It was then shipped from America and once received in the UK was then inspected and stamped with British military acceptance markings (broad arrow or crows foot) before being issued into service. The brass disc reads "TR  57 462". We beleive this to be an abbreviation for the 57th Training Reserve of the 9th (Reserve) Battalion, the South Wales Borderers, weapon number 462. 

During the Second World War the WWI P14s were brought back into service and reissued to Home Guard units around the UK, and for this reason are now most commonly associated with the classic British WWII sitcom 'Dads Army'. A very nice example with lovely wood work and correct "PAT 1914" cartouches.

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