Deactivated WWI Charger Loading Lee Enfield Rifle

Deactivated WWI Charger Loading Lee Enfield Rifle

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This is a very rare WWI military issued Charger Loading Lee Enfield MKI rifle. It was original manufactured by BSA as an MLE (Magazine Lee Enfield) circa 1895 and in 1911 was converted by V.S.M. (Vickers Sons & Maxim) into a CLLE MKI - Charger Loading Lee Enfield, Mark 1.  These conversions were only done between 1911 to 1912 and very few of them by V.S.M. This example is regimentally marked " 1.15 12. DY 646. " January 1915 12th Battalion (Pioneer) Sherwood Foresters (Nottingham & Derbyshire Regiment), weapon number 646. This regiment saw extensive service and experienced heavy loses during the Great War. In September 1915 they went into action at Loos in France suffering heavy loses. In 1916 they suffered in a Gas attack by the Germans at Wulverghem and were then moved to the Somme seeing action again in The Battle of Delville Wood and The Battle of Guillemont. In 1917 they were in action again at the Battle of Vimy Ridge, The Battle of Messines and the Third Battle of Yres in the Autumn of 1917. 1918 saw the regiment in action again at the Somme.

This rifle has been recovered from the ground but incredible still has its matching bolt, and is almost complete. On the receiver where the charger bridge is normally mounted there is clear evidence of a considerable impact, most likely from shrapnel, and this may explain why the bridge is missing.

A rare opportunity to own a fascinating piece of WWI history. If this rifle could talk!

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