Deactivated WWI Era BSA Martini Cadet Rifle

Deactivated WWI Era BSA Martini Cadet Rifle

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This is a very early production Martini action cadet rifle chambered .220. It was manufactured by (BSA) Birmingham Small Arms Ltd Co. BSA first introduced these models circa 1909 starting at around serial number 9,000. It is estimated that on average BSA made around 3,000 Cadet rifle per year, although smaller quantities were initially produced. This example is serial number 11,633 and would date somewhere between 1914 and 1915 . The rifle utilises the proven Martini Henry action but is scaled down for the smaller .220 cartridge that was being used for cadet training. The action features a cocking indicator arm that pops up on the right hand side of the action when cocked, and has the quick lease action bolt. At the rear of the action are the holes where the sights were mounted. Deactivated with moving parts it comes with an EU/UK certificate of deactivation.

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