Deactivated WWI French Officers M1874 Revolver

Deactivated WWI French Officers M1874 Revolver

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This is an all original WWI Chamelot - Delvigne, French Officers Model 1874 revolver. The M1874 was only produced for French Officers and in very small quantities, around 35,000 were made in comparison 337,000 of the M1873 revolver were produced. The design differs from the M1873, the chambers are fluted and shorter, the barrel is also shorter and they had a blued finish. Internal components were also lightened. This example was made by Mre d'Armes St Etienne and is dated 1878 and has all matching numbers.

Deactivated to current specifications with clear chambers that will accept inert rounds and full moving parts.

This item is available for purchase and is being certificated at the proof house.


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