Deactivated WWI SMLE marked to the Royal Fusileers

Deactivated WWI SMLE marked to the Royal Fusileers

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This is a superb condition WWI & WWII issued SMLE MKIII. It was manufactured in 1915 by RSAF Enfiled for the Great War and still retains its magazine cut off and correct WWI bolt. The brass regimantal disc reads "5.15. 2. R.F. 117." meaning May 1915. 2nd Battalion Royal Fusileers - (City of London Regiment), weapon number 117. In 1915 the 2nd R.F. landed in Gallipoli and in 1916 were moved to France and where they were involved in many major engagements included the Battle of the Somme in autumn 1916 and the Battle of Arras in spring 1917. During WWII this rifle was reworked, the barrel bears the date stamp of 1940.


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