Deactivated WWI Webley MK6 .455 Revolver

Deactivated WWI Webley MK6 .455 Revolver

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This is a lovely condition First World War dated British officers Webley MK6 .455 service revolver. Dated 1918, it has matching numbers to frame, barrel and cylinders, and is covered in a plethora British military broad arrow acceptance stamps. During the Great War British officers had to buy their own "kit", which included their sidearm. The MK6 still remains synonymous with the British officer as he lead his men "over the top" out of trenches after blowing his whistle with his trusty MK6 in hand. A great many MK6's were re-issued for the Second World War. This example comes with a lanyard cord and 6 inert .455 rounds, five of which have unstruck primers.

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