Deactivated WWI & WWII Enfield SMLE MKIII Rifle

Deactivated WWI & WWII Enfield SMLE MKIII Rifle

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This is a First World War dated SMLE No1 MKIII .303 rifle that was produced in 1914 by Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield. That year Enfield only made 51,576 SMLEs. This example still has its magazine cut off plate. After seeing serving during the Great War this rifle was used again during WWII and in 1943 was rebarrled by Enfield. This is a very good indication that it was in service and saw action, possible returning from Dunkirk! and that it was back in action again most likely in preparation for use during the invasion of Nazi occupied France in June of 1944 (D-Day - Operation Overlord). The "50" stamped by the bolt safety would indicate that it saw further refurbishment in 1950. A facinating British miltary rifle that saw service in both world wars and beyond.

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