Deactivated WWII Bren Gun MKII dated 1943

Deactivated WWII Bren Gun MKII dated 1943

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This is a WWII Bren Gun MKII dated 1943 that was manufactured by Monotype Corporation, (makers code M67). Monotype was first set up in 1942 using subcontractors to help boost production of the MKII Bren. Companies such as The Daimler Motor Company were involved in the manufacturing of this gun. Monotype only produced around 83,438 Bren's during WWII, so are far less common than Enfield or Inglis examples. This particular example is from the third batch they made and has mathing numbers to receiver and trigger assemblies. It is fitted with the correct stock, rear leaf sight and bipod legs. Note the armorers repair the stock, this is a good indication that this Bren saw active service.

A rare opportunity to own a real piece of British WWII history. Not to be missed.

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