Deactivated WWII Bren MKII 1943

Deactivated WWII Bren MKII 1943

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This is a Second World War Inglis manufactured Bren MKII dated 1943. The MKII features a simplified stock, cocking lever, non-adjustable bipod and flip-up rear sight leaf. These features were introduced to help speed up production numbers mid way through WWII. This Bren would have been shipped from Inglis in Canada to the UK and issued to British and Common Wealth forces. During WWII cargo ships bound for the UK with these vital weapons were subjuect to constant attack from German U-boats and the Luftwaffe. Thankfully this one made it and would have seen service. The Bren was used on all fronts during the war and is considered by many experts to have been a key weapon in the Allies arsenal and eventual victory.

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