Deactivated WWII British No5 Jungle Carbine

Deactivated WWII British No5 Jungle Carbine

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This is a good condition WWII Lee Enfield No5 MKI Jungle carbine. It was manufactured by Royal Ordnance Factory, Fazakerley - ROF (F) . This is one is an early example dated 11/44 - November 1944. The serial number starts with a letter C. ROF Fazakerley were allocated serial numbers starting from A to Z & AA to AC, that means that this carbine is number 26,123rd of 1944. The No5 saw extensive service during WWII, rumor has it that it was designed primarily for airborne use, rather than the Asian jungles for which it is most commonly associated with. No5s did see extensive use in Holland during the Battle of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden) being issued to British paratrooper units where many were captured.  Comes fitted with an original canvas sling. 

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