Deactivated WWII British STEN MKII

Deactivated WWII British STEN MKII

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A great looking WWII British Sten MKII submachine gun. This example has a lovely patina finish and unlike so many others hasn't been repainted. The magazine housing has the makers initials S&S believed to be that of J Spears & Sons Enfield, plus the military broad arrow mark. The name STEN is an acronym of the weapon's chief designers, Mayor Reginald (S)hepperd, Harold (T)urpin and EN is for Enfield. The MKII is one of the most iconic weapons of WWII. Simple and quick to manufacture it proved to be very effective, so much so that in the latter stages of the war the Germans eventually made their own version called the MP3008. This example has been deactivated with moving cocking lever that can be pulled back and will return under string tension. It has a removeable magazine and shoulder stock and comes fitted with a wartime sling.

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