Deactivated WWII Dovetail Bren gun MKI - Dunkirk era

Deactivated WWII Dovetail Bren gun MKI - Dunkirk era

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This is a WWII Dunkirk era, British made Dovetail Bren gun MK1. It was manufactured by Enfield and has all visible matching numbers including the barrel. It is fitted with correct stock and a rare early folding shoulder rest, dial sight and adjustable bipod legs. Although stamped 1940 on the receiver, the serial number is from late 1939 production (batch D1-D9999), with final assembly being completed in early 1940.  These Bren's were manufactured with a distinctive dovetail slot to fit a dial sight. Many were taken to France during the battle of France by the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) but were later abandoned on the beaches of Dunkirk during one of the most famous evacuations of the war between May and June of 1940. This event lead Winston Churchill to make one of his most famous and emotive speeches of WWII ("We will fight them on the beaches").

Deactivated to current specifications with tensioned cocking lever and trigger.

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