Deactivated WWII Dutch M95 Cavalry Carbine

Deactivated WWII Dutch M95 Cavalry Carbine

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This is a fascinating Dutch Hembrug M95 cavalry carbine. The Dutch produced several different variants of this model of which many received various modifications and upgrades during their service life. All the different branches of the Dutch military had individual requirements for these carbines all using the same action but had different bolts, woodwork, barrel bands, bayonet attachments and sling swivels. This particular example is a cavalry carbine fitted with a unique and distinctive wood infill on the left hand side of the magazine housing. This was to protect the magazine whilst being slung on the back of a cavalryman. It is believed to have started life as a No1 carbine that received subsequent modifications and upgrades. In 1902 the solid butt plate was replaced with a skeletonised version. In 1912 this carbine was updated to include a standard bayonet lug forward barrel band. The large circular sling hoop was replaced circa 1933. The stock is regimentally marked "d-Res Min 128". We think this may be an abbreviation for a Dutch reserve regiment? During WWII The Dutch Model 95 carbine was issued to Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger (KNIL) troops in the Dutch East Indies.

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