Deactivated WWII Early Production Bren MKI

Deactivated WWII Early Production Bren MKI

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This is a superb condition WWII Bren MKI, manufactured by Lithgow, and dated 1941. It has matching numbers to receiver, trigger assemble, barrel, barrel release lever and bolt and carrier. Lithgow only produced the Bren from 1940 to 1945, only managing a total of around 17,500 Mk I and MkI(M) during this period. Very few in gun terms. The first batch used serial number range A1 to A9999. This is example is from that batch and is Bren number 365th ever made by them. The markings on the receiver "MA/53/FTR"  show that it was then Factory Through Repaired in 1953 by the Aussies, and is also a very good indication of service use. These Bren's were used by both Australian, British and most Commonwealth forces fighting the Japanese and Axis forces in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

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