Deactivated WWII Enfield P14 By Remington

Deactivated WWII Enfield P14 By Remington

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An absolutely stunning condition First World War, Remington manufactured Enfield P14 rifle. One of the best examples we have ever seen! The serial number dates to June 1918. The P14 & P17's were issued and used by both British and US forces during WWI with the majority of all US ground forces equipped with them. One of the most famous users from WWI was a Sergeant Alvin York who, using his trusty and accurate Remington rifle, shot 28 and captured another 132 German soldiers almost single-handedly. During WWII the trusty old P14's were issued again, this time to the British Home Guard units to defend the British Isles from German invasion. This superb example is accompanied with an original 1917 dated Remington bayonet with scabbard. A great set. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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