Deactivated WWII German Captured Russian PPSH41

Deactivated WWII German Captured Russian PPSH41

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This is a WWII Russian made PPSH41 submachine gun that is believed to have been captured by German forces, repaired and then reissued. One of the clearest indicators of this is the serial numbers and how some have been struck out. This is a characteristic of German armorers methods when field servicing and repairing guns. The additional numbers "6407" are typical German style and font. German forces captured large quantities of Russian firearms during the war and made good use of them. Captured PPSH41s were designated by the Germans as the MP717(r). If this gun had been factory refurbished after the war by the Russian arsenals any mismatched parts were either replaced or reworked then re- numbered and then re-blued. The gun would have also received a Russian rework stamp and the wood work re-varnished. This gun does not have any of those markings.

Deactivated current specifications with moving cocking lever and working safety. The magazine is removeable.

This gun is available for purchase and is at the proof house awaiting certification.

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