Deactivated WWII Lanchester MK1 Submachine gun

Deactivated WWII Lanchester MK1 Submachine gun

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This is a WWII Lanchester Submachine gun, MK1 with correct early bolt and low four digit serial number. Dated 1942 it has lots of broad arrow and military acceptance stamps. These weapons were more or less a direct copy of the German Bergmann MP28 submachine gun and were very well made. The Lanchester was intended to be the standard issue British submachine gun but was to expensive to make. The Sten was its replacement. They were predominately issued to the British Royal Navy with small quantities also used by the RAF for guarding aerodromes, and were only manufactured during WWII with relatively small amounts produced. This example was manufactured by Sterling and is one of only 75,500 or so that they built. The first 50,000 Lanchester's were issued to the British Navy. This one is fitted with the a period canvas sling and 50 round stick magazine.

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