Deactivated WWII Lee Enfield No4T Sniper

Deactivated WWII Lee Enfield No4T Sniper

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This is a rare and genuine WWII British Lee Enfield No4T sniper rifle. It was manufactured in 1941 by ROF Maltby and is one of only handful that are known to have been selected from this maker for conversion during WWII. It is estimated that from the total of 26,442 made during the war that only around 10 possible 15 % at most were Maltby made No4t rifles. This equates to around 2,644 to 3,966 rifles. This example has the correct S51 stamped on the underside of the stock, letter S on the right side of the receiver for Holland & Holland who converted the majority of No4t rifles. On the left side of the reciever is the letter "T" (Trials)with a broad arrow acceptance stamp and on the stock band "TR" (Telescopic Rifle) both of which are only found on this model. The scope is also an original and is correctly marked TEL STG No32 MKI over the make and service part number and telescope serial number; H B M Co (Houghton, Butcher Manufacturing Co.) OS 446A, REG No 3698. The optics are clear and the scope is in good working order. In 1947 this rifle was FTR (Factory Through Repaired) at ROF Fazakerley. This is a good indication that this rifle saw active service. It has many matching numbers including the forward woodwork, scope mount and magazine.

The No4T was a superb sniper rifle and in the hands of skilled Allied marksman they often prevented the advance or movements Axis soldiers. They were also one the hardest working members of a unit/regiment. And were also extremely brave! A superb peice of British WWII history.

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