Deactivated WWII Lend Lease Smith & Wesson .38 M&P Revolver

Deactivated WWII Lend Lease Smith & Wesson .38 M&P Revolver

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This is a WWII "Lend Lease" Smith & Wesson .38 M&P "Victory" model Revolver. This example dates to early 1942 production and has the US flaming grenade ordnance, "P" proof and WB inspectors acceptance stamps. It retains 95% of its original wartime finish with all visble numbers matching. Marked of the top strap "United States Property", this marking was most commonly associated with weapons what were assigned to the Lend Lease agreement between the UK and US governments. This revolver would have been issued to a servicing member of the British or Common Wealth forces. Accompanying this revolver are 6 inert S&W .38 rounds, lanyard cord and a 1943 dated British 1937 Pattern canvas holster. A great set!

The revolver is deactivated to current specifications with clear chambers. 


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