Deactivated WWII Lend Lease Thompson M1A1 SMG

Deactivated WWII Lend Lease Thompson M1A1 SMG

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A Second World War US Thompson M1A1 Submachine gun. Stamped with "US Property", this marking was most commonly used on weapons that were assigned to the British military as part of the Lend Lease agreements between the British and US Governments during WWII. It has the correct US Ordnance and inspectors markings; FJA - Frank J Atwood, GEG- George E. Goll and the US cross cannons.  One of the classic SMG's from WWII. The serial number dates this example to 1943 production. This M1A1 may well have been involved in the D-Day landing of June 1944. Deactivated to post 1995 specifications it is partially strippable.

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