Deactivated WWII M1 Garand Converted to M1D Sniper

Deactivated WWII M1 Garand Converted to M1D Sniper

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This is an incredibly rare WWII US M1 Garand that has been faithfully converted into an M1D sniper rifle. The rifle was made by Springfield in May of 1944, most likely in preparation for Operation Overlord (D-Day) in June of that year. The idea for converting a standard M1 Garand into a sniper was conceived by John Garand the designer of the M1. Designated the M1D, it was intended to be a field convertable sniper rifle using a scope mount that US armourers could fit by removing the barrel and sliding the mount on after which an M84 scope could be fitted. The scope was designed to be off-set with a simple leather sleeve cheek piece added to the stock to aid the shooter when aiming the rifle. A detachable M2 "coned" flash hider was also added and is fitted using the bayonet lug. All M1D sniper rifles were made by the Springfield Armory and were adopted into military service in 1951 with just 14,235 made. A few saw active service in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. You are unlikley to see another!!

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