Deactivated WWII RAF marked Berridge No2 MK5 Flare / Signal Pistol

Deactivated WWII RAF marked Berridge No2 MK5 Flare / Signal Pistol

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This is a WWII British RAF marked No2 MK5 1inch flare pistol. It is broad arrow stamped on the frame. During WW2 I.L. Berridge & Co, who were a commercial knitting machine manufacturer were contract by the British Government to make the No2 MK5, producing over 200,000 examples of this particular flare pistol. They were issued to the RAF, Navy and the Army. This example has a distinctive lug on the left side of the barrel. This design is most commonly associated with the RAF who used the lug to lock the pistol into the air crafts fuselage before firing. The trigger guard is stamped with the squadron it was issued to. The numbers are just visible as is the initials SQN = Squadron. This pistol has seen plenty of service use, this can be clearly seen in the overall finish and condition.

Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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