Deactivated WWII Rare Inglis Bren MKI Dovetail

Deactivated WWII Rare Inglis Bren MKI Dovetail

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This is a rare early production John Inglis of Toronto, Canada manufactured "Dovetail" Bren MKI, dated 1940. Very few of this variant were made, just 1500 by Inglis before switching over to the commonly encountered MKIm. Inglis completed their first batches of Brens in March 1940, starting with serial number M1 to M9999. This Bren is from that first batch and is number only M1188 (number one thousand, one hundred and eighty eighth). The 'dovetail' sight bracket was soon phased out being deemed unnecessary, plus eliminating it from the build process helped speed up output numbers. It is of particular note that this Bren had to be shipped across the Atlantic in merchant ships which were constantly under attack from German U-Boats. Many merchants ships never made it. Thankfully the ship that this one was on did. It is also quite plausible that this Bren was involved during the Battle of Dunkirk in May of 1940. A great piece of Allied history and a rarely encountered Bren.

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